In each city that is appearred in onlythebest.grwe have collaborators which propose to usknownest and most dear cafe, bar, club, in thepublic of region. The basic therefore criterion forour choices is the opinion of majority of world ineach city, via local websites but also via ourcollaborators. We select most popular and we present to you the 10 better with criteria thequality of product of (coffee, drink, musical) theservice and benefits but also the configurationof space. In the category of amusement theprices are almost same everywhere and do not consider him important criterion in order to himwe calculate.

We owe to inform that in the category ofamusement is also much difficult the choicewhen we are in a big city that obviously existsmany and well cafe bar and club and likely we wrong somebody from them of (reason of policyonlythebest.gr it does not propose above 10enterprises in each category), from a smallercity that very likely do not exist nor the 10 thatwe have as limit for each category.

We owe also to inform that in the category ofamusement exist subclasses with uniqueraison d'être the better and more analyticpresentation of category!